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Avoiding the Gloom Boom By Chris Day
It would be a foolish person who would try and play down the real problems that many people are facing at the present time. There is nothing worse than uncertainty to undermine confidence and leave you frozen like a rabbit in the headlights of a car, not knowing which way to turn. The world is certainly being reinvented around us and that means only one thing: We need to reinvent ourselves as well if we are to both survive and thrive.
Nobody likes change, especially when it is thrust upon us. We far prefer to snuggle into our comfort zone and shy away from surprises and the unexpected. But the reality is that if we do not positively embrace change right now, the world will move on and leave us behind.
It seems that the television newsreaders and the leader writers in the newspapers can’t get enough of bad news. There seems no way to escape news of closures, redundancy, bankruptcy, and corporate failure of all sorts, big and small. There is no doubt that some of them will impact on most of us in one way or another. It does remind us of one important point. We can rely on nobody but ourselves. So rather than focus on things over which we have no control, focus on the one thing you can - Yourself. How can you make yourself more valuable when the value of everything around you seems to be dropping?
Every coin has two sides. There are negatives and positives to every situation – yes, even this one. In the middle of this doom and gloom there are still people focused on opportunity rather than disaster. Don’t forget you will always see more of what you are focused on.
One industry that consistently does well in a recession is direct sales. Companies that bypass the conventional High Street stores and sell direct to consumers in their own home do very well at the moment, despite the popular belief that nobody is spending any money. But they are. It is just a question of where they are spending it. True, many people are not going out spending in the shops. So the money they would have spent is still in their pockets.
In recent years there has been an interesting shift in the way we buy things. The futurologist, Faith Popcorn calls it “Cocooning” in her book The Popcorn Report. By Cocooning she means the trend of people staying indoors more and having more things delivered directly to them there. For example, we are now more likely to stay at home and watch a film rather than go to the cinema. Supermarkets now deliver to our door rather than have us going out and queuing at the check out. We can now enjoy an instant cooked meal delivered in minutes by a spotty youth on a moped. Increasingly we will now order things on the internet rather than go to the shops. It is all part of the same trend.
Home shopping is one of the big growth trends which, in an otherwise gloomy retail sector, is a good place to look if you are seeking a money making opportunity.
Do you receive home shopping catalogues through your letterbox from time to time? It is easy to think of them as a pin money opportunity and to dismiss it as not worth even thinking about, but you’d be mistaken.
When a home shopping catalogue drops through the letter box, it is effectively bringing the shop into the home. As a result, it is first in the queue for disposable income and at the cutting edge of this growth trend.
A number of the companies which produce these personally delivered home shopping catalogues operate through a network of self-employed distributors whose numbers always grow in times like these. No wonder, when you realise that they are rewarded not just by the sales they personally generate, but also get paid a bonus by their company on the combined turnover of people they recruited into their team.
According to Richard Berry, the director of the Direct Selling Association, ( “Around the world, network marketing is now accepted as the modern way of organising a direct selling business. It offers substantial rewards to any new distributor based on just two activities - their personal retail sales and the retail sales achievements of those teams of direct sellers that they have recruited, motivated and trained to follow their own example - all of whom have exactly the same opportunity to build their own substantial businesses.” 53 million people worldwide can’t be wrong.
In the UK the range of opportunities in this marketplace covers virtually all product ranges including cosmetics, health and beauty, jewellery, home care, clothing, cleaning materials, food supplements, furniture, home electronics and appliances, books and media, to mention but a few. As a result there are opportunities to suit everyone.
In this industry, unlike the world of conventional jobs, most people only work part-time, and the majority fit their business around full-time work. Many of them are earning more part-time than they are earning from their full-time jobs. What better way to insulate yourself from potential redundancy or your job vanishing.
Unlike many other business opportunities, starting up as an independent distributor with an MLM company is very low cost. No qualifications are required and all training is given. It is a simple business, so simple in fact that many people dismiss it. But in this climate, if you want to earn something different, you will need to do something different. If you have focus, a good work ethic and are prepared to follow a system and be teachable, you could be very surprised at the results you could achieve. I’ve seen it time and time again.
If you look around you, there are very few industries that thrive in times like these. Nobody knows what may be around the corner, but a business like this could certainly take some of the uncertainty out of the future.
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