Welcome to the world of Remote Working – Albeit in an Emergency!

In these days of COVID-19 emergency induced  home based working, I guess that people are using all sorts of ad hoc set ups and working from any place  they can.

Whereas this may work OK on a short term basis, it is not recommended in the longer term.

Another successful remote working taboo which is being broken is that people are – due to current circumstances – trying to combine working at home with childminding.

This is definitely not recommeded and is totally impractible under normal circumstances.   as doing a day’s work is demanding and child care is extremely demanding.  Mixing the two is simply not possible on a long term basis .in these emergency circumstances, I guess rules are made to be broken!

The purpose of this blog is to help managers and new home based workers to make the most the situation in which they unexpectedly find themselves. 

The author has many years of home based working, managing remote teams and working with organisation who are introducing ework policy.  The advice will be practical and, for many, easy to implement.

Please feel free to contact me if you could benefit from further advice. 

Many thanks – hope you find the information and advice useful!


By the way, here’s a link to an Irish Times article on teleworking/telecommuting featuring the author, Riona Carroll.  It’s interesting to note that this article was published in 1998 – 22 years ago! A bit ahead of the times there!  Enjoy.

Many Ways to Work from Home