The E-work Contract

The employer will already have a Contract of Employment with each employee.  However, in this home-based work scenario additional issues should be reviewed and agreed in writing by both parties.

Such issues commonly include:

  • The fact that the arrangement is temporary if this is the case- as it is for many in the COVID-19 emergency

  • Key contact points of the employee e.g. landline and/or mobile ‘phone number

  • How work will be allocated and distributed

  • Preferred method(s) of communication e.g. email, ‘phone

  • Core hours during which the employee is expected to be available

  • How team meetings will be organised

  • How/when  employees will submit progress reports to managers

  • Procedures for reporting difficulties to managers  – this is very important as home-based workers must report problems, of which managers may not be aware, quickly so as to avoid undue delays in completing assignments

  • If applicable, the extent to which the employer will compensate the employee for costs arising out of the home working arrangement e.g. a contribution towards the cost of electricity used for work purposes. 
    N.B.  The employer does not have to make such a contribution and it would be unusual to do so in a situation where home-based working is on a short term/temporary basis.  Please see also information on e-work and tax here.
  • How employees will take care of equipment supplied by the employer and how and to whom they will report any defects/damage relating to same
  • How employees will report any  accidents or injury arising from work activities

These are some of the issues which you may consider including in the e-working contract.  Not all issues will apply in all scenarios and there may be issues specific to your business which you may to include in the home-based work agreement.

But this should be a good starting point.  If you need any further advice or help, I’ll be happy to here from you.  E-mail link here.