Useful Links

Here are some interesting and useful links which will inform and help you to establish remote working opportunities and trends. I will be adding more as we go along. All suggestions are welcome. Please email me here. Thank you.

A number of Remote Work Surveys have been carried out during COVID-19 to sample the appetite of employers and employees for remote working post COVID-19.

Here’s a link to a very insightful Western Development Commission/NUIG Survey – interesting findings there! With a large sample of 7,241 respondents, the survey indicates that 83% of respondents would like to continue to work remotely following the COVID-19 restrictions. However, only 12% indicate that they would like to work remotely on a daily basis.

Remote working – be it work at home or from local hubs – has huge potential to decrease our national CO2 emissions, which can only benefit us all and future generations. The Environmental Protection Agency provides lots of useful information on this and related issues. You wil also find a useful personal, household and business carbon calculator here.